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Welcome to the Schwartz, Fang, and Keating, P.C. Lawyer's website. We are estate planning, probate and estate tax lawyers, serving Long Island, New York City, and New Jersey.

Our commitment at Schwartz, Fang, & Keating, PC is to excellence and our focus is on the individual concerns of our clients. This is what sets us apart from the other estate planning and probate law firms. We are known as "problem solvers" and "trusted advisors" for our clients, taking a proactive approach to their needs. We represent many prominent families and businesses in the metropolitan NYC and Long Island areas.

Whatever stage you are in life, Schwartz, Fang & Keating understands that your situation is unique and your estate plan should custom fit your needs. It is important to work with an estate planning attorney that has the experience and knowledge to assist you in all areas of your estate planning and administration.


How Can We Help You

Probate Services

Manage the filing of the last will and testament of a deceased individual.

Administration of Estates

For most people, the financial and legal steps that need to be taken when a loved one passes away can be a confusing process.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is needed so that an individual's estate, regardless of size, is not reduced.

Corporate & Business Formation/Planning

There are a number of options available when considering what type of entity to form.

Drafting Wills

While many people know that it is typically imperative they draft a will, most don’t know exactly what a will is or how it works.

Drafting Trusts

Trusts are legal arrangements that allow for a third party, legally referred to as trustees, to hold onto assets on behalf of a beneficiary

Elder Law

As elder law experts on Long Island, we can help you to protect your assets and receive the best care.

Real Estate

Schwartz, Fang & Keating, P.C. represents clients with the sale, purchase, and leasing of both residential and commercial properties

Asset Protection

Regardless of your individual circumstance, our attorneys can find the right asset protection solutions.

Meet Our Experts

Our Attorneys

Stephen J. Schwartz

Esq. CPA

Estate Planning Lawyer, CPA and Probate

Neil B. Fang

Esq. CPA

Estate Planning, Estate Litigation Attorney and Probate

Stephanie M. Reilly Keating

Esq. CPA

Estate Planning, Elder Law Attorney and Probate

Our Attorney's Blog

Learn about Estate Planning, Probate Law, Creating a Will, and more!

College Financing May be an Integral Part of Your Estate Plan

  The staggering cost of college makes it critical for families to plan carefully for this major expense, and in many cases, grandparents want to play a role. As you examine the many financing options for your grandchildren, be sure to consider their impact on your estate plan. Make Direct Payments A simple, but effective,… Read More

Donating to Charity? Watch out for New Appraisal Regulations…

If you make substantial non-cash gifts to charity, it’s important to familiarize yourself with new requirements for qualified appraisals. A qualified appraisal must accompany non-cash gifts over $5,000 (with certain exceptions), including groups of similar items whose total value exceeds $5,000 (even if donated to separate recipients). Recently, the IRS finalized 10-year-old proposed regulations regarding… Read More

Stay True to your Family with a Total Return Uni-Trust

Even in the strongest families, conflicting interests between income and remainder beneficiaries can create tension and turn the trustee’s job into a delicate balancing act. By aligning your beneficiaries’ interests, a total return uni-trust (TRU) can relieve this tension and allow your trustee to concentrate on developing the most effective investment strategy. A Difficult Job… Read More