The elder law attorneys at Schwartz, Fang, & Keating, P.C. are able to advocate and guarantee the rights of any individual. If you’re reading this article, chances are you are confronting one of the many challenges and pitfalls encountered by family members of loved ones needing long-term care. As you may have discovered, there is presently no comprehensive system for long-term care for those in need of it in New York. Patching this hole in the framework of our social services structure, however, is a special type of attorney known as elder law attorneys. Elder law attorneys specialize in helping families navigate the complicated legal area surrounding elder law, and work with families to make proper and beneficial decisions regarding the long-term care of their loved ones.


Using a variety of legal tools and techniques specific to elder law, these attorneys work diligently with other professionals in a multitude of fields to provide clients quality service, all the while ensuring their needs are met. This holistic approach is the key to our success.


What Exactly is an Elder Law Attorney?

Simply put, elder law attorneys act as legal counsel and advocates for elderly and their loved ones. In handling a grand selection of legal matters affecting an older person, these lawyers are in many ways “specialists”. Through legal management of issues including health care, long-term care planning, estate planning, guardianship, and other important matters, elder law attorneys essential take care of the day-to-day issues affecting the wellbeing of seniors. Choosing an elder law attorney can help to alleviate much of the stress associated with the care of our elders.


What are the services an elder law attorney offers?

An elder law attorney can help with many of the following issues regarding elder law:

  • Open discussion concerning the necessity of wills and estate planning.
  • Help clients work through probate hearings
  • Provide help with health care planning, including patient rights, Medicare/Medicaid, and the healthcare rights assigned to a power of attorney
  • Guardianship/conservatorship
  • Drafting of a living will
  • And many more…


NAELA and Aspiration Standards

Formed in 1987, the National Acadamy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc is a non-profit association for attorneys specializing in elder law. With over 4,200 members nationwide, NAELA is a useful resource for any clients searching for a competent Elder Law attorney. Their forward policy on client advocacy led to the creation of the Aspirational Standards, which is an ethics contract and oath all members of the academy must pledge to. This pledge has created a status of prestige among member attorneys for their selfless pursuit of client benefits. We are proud to acknowledge that our own Stephanie M. Reilly Keating, ESQ. has been a member since 2010.


How Can We Help?

At Schwartz, Fang, & Keating, P.C., we have a more than comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of elder law, and with our commitment to uphold the NAELA Aspirational Standards, are more than willing to advocate on behalf of your elder, earn them the care they deserve, and guarantee the rights they have earned. Our team of elder law lawyers is ready to work with you and your family to safeguard the long-term care of your older family members.


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