The Long Island estate planning attorneys at Schwartz, Fang, and Keating are your experts on drawing and understanding a will. We can walk you through the will drafting process and answer any questions you may have about the many laws and regulations that effect property once a person passes away. We will help you to understand exactly what a will is and how you can expect it to be carried out. As New York estate and probate lawyers with decades of experience handling estates, wills, trusts and the legal matters effecting these areas, we provide our customers with the most competent care for these delicate matters.


What Exactly Is A Will?

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that dictates what will happen to a person’s estate (their assets) after they die. This includes:

» Who gets what assets of the deceased: these named persons are referred to as “beneficiaries”

» How the beneficiaries will get it: as a whole, in timed installments, etc.

» When the beneficiaries will get it: immediately, on their 18th birthday, etc.

» Naming a person as “executor” of the will, who will be in charge of making sure the beneficiaries receive their inheritance and that all debts of the deceased are paid


What to Expect at the “Reading of the Will”

Once a person passes away their will is read first by an estate lawyer who then sends a copy to anyone named in it, i.e. the beneficiaries and the executor. However, a will, once admitted to probate, becomes public court record and therefore anyone can go to the court and ask to view it. A person may also request to receive the will by mail or fax by writing a letter to the probate court and paying a small fee.


Execution of Your Loved One’s Will

Without proper estate planning, the execution of a will can be an exhausting legal process, but with profession drafting and attention to detail, it can be done successfully without any headaches. We at Schwartz, Fang, and Keating pride ourselves on our compassion and professionalism that we believe should be paramount when handling the estate of your loved one and while considering your last will and testament. Don’t let the court and state decide what happens to your estate, which is the case when a person passes away without a will. Contact us today to ensure that the estate you have worked so hard to build is handled exactly as you wish, with the details dictated in a written, legally binding format you can depend on. Our professional estate lawyers of New York can help guide you through the entire process.