The estate planning lawyers at Schwartz, Fang & Keating, P.C. recommend that everyone have an estate plan. Regardless of your marital status, your income, or if you are sick or not, it is important to have an estate plan in place. Effective estate planning is the best way to protect your assets and your family. Whether the plan is big or small, we are able to meet our clients individual needs.


No matter how many possessions you own or do not own, everyone has an estate. An estate is comprised of everything you own including personal possessions, checking/savings accounts, furniture, car and much more. Planning your estate is important for everyone-not just for elderly or people with large estates. Individuals tend to put off estate planning because they feel they do not own enough or are not old enough to require it. However, this is an important process for everyone.


Difference Between an Estate Plan & a Will

This is a common question we are asked. A will is typically an important aspect of any estate plan. The actual estate plan is a process between you and your estate planning attorney.


What is a Will?
A will is a legal document that will outline your wishes in distributing your property, assets, and addresses the care of any minor children after you pass away. Creating a will gives you full control over those tough decisions that come after one passes away. This is a way to ensure that your children will be cared for and your assets will make a smooth transition into the right hands.


What is an Estate Plan?
There are many ways to define an estate plan, as it tends to consist of many document and considerations.

An effective estate plan from the estate planning lawyers of Schwartz, Fang & Keating, P.C. will address the following concerns:

  • • Protection for your property, business, and possessions
  • • Minimizing of taxes, court fees, and other legal fees
  • • Protection of property
  • • Life insurance
  • • Funeral costs
  • • Appointing a guardian upon your death for minor children
  • • Avoiding the probate of your estate
  • • Providing for family members with special needs or minors
  • • And more…


If you are ready to sit with an estate planning lawyer, Schwartz, Fang & Keating are ready to assist you. Contact one of our convenient offices on Long Island, New York City, or New Jersey to schedule an appointment today!